James Beard Best Chefs of the Northeast 2010


James Beard Foundation Award Winners
Best Chefs of the Northeast 2010
Mark Gaier and
Clark Frasier  

Ron Manville Photography

ABC's "Good Morning America"
July, 2011
Click here to view Mark and Clark preparing favorites from their "Maine Classics" cookbook.

CBS Early Show
August, 2009 Click here To view Mark and Clark's tutorial of their favorite herbs including tarragon, mint and cilantro.
December 2007 "Chef on a Shoestring" Click here To view Mark and Clark as they create a three-course meal for four on a budget of just forty dollars.

NBC Today Show
July, 2011  "Maine Lobster"
Click here to view Mark and Clark as they share lobster recipes from their cookbook, "Maine Classics"

August, 2010
  "Maine Peekytoe Crab Cakes" Click here to view Mark and Clark as they make Peekytoe Crab Cakes
December, 2009 "Homemade Hors d'oeuvres Click here To view Mark and Clark preparing grilled basil and prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with aioli and mini crab cakes with remoulade
December, 2008 "Holiday dinner with a Maine twist" Click here To view Mark and Clark preparing plank roasted cod with a burnt orange sauce
March, 2008 "An Elegant Easter Duck" Click here To view Mark and Clark preparing the Easy, Elegant Easter Duck
September, 2005 "Making perfect proscuitto" Click here To view Mark and Clark preparing Proscuitto dishes
March, 2005 Click here for fresh flavors of spring recipes 

Arrows and MC Perkins Cove chefs/owners Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier have made their restaurants a reflection of their diverse backgrounds. Both worked with Jeremiah Tower at Stars Restaurant in San Francisco and Clark lived and studied in Beijing, China for a year. Years of training at Arrows and extensive travel enable Clark and Mark to present at Arrows an eclectic menu and to create a true country restaurant, curing their own hams and fish, making all desserts and breads in house, and utilizing their huge gardens for produce.

At MC, the Chef Owners have created a casual upscale American Bistro at one of the most spectacular settings on the Atlantic Coast. Utilizing the Arrows gardens, the food is great American cooking, prepared with the best ingredients.

Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier competed on Bravo's "Top Chef Masters Season 4"
July, 2012

Maine Classics "Never before have I felt so much love for the Earth come through as it does in this book."
pettprojects.com, January 2012

"Here's an easy and delicious variationh on traditional gravy.  Pear juice adds some fruitiness while rum adds complexity."
TheDailyMeal.com, November 2011

"The new cookbook (Maine Classics) written by James Beard Award Winning chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, highlights the best of Maine's rich culinary traditions."
maine.magazine,  July 2011

"The gentlemen who made the oysters- Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier- are pioneers in the farm to table movement."
Glamorosi Blog Spot, June 2011

"You can't go to a restaurant these days without tripping over dexcriptions like "farm to table," "local," and "seasonal".  This wasn't the case when chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier began growing vegetables for Arrows... in 1988."
Boston Globe Magazine, June 2011

"Soup to Nuts:  Maine chef's cookbook destined to be an instant 'Classics'."
Portland Press Herald, June 2011

"World Chefs; Gaier, Frasier show variety of Maine Cooking" 
Reuters Online May, 2011

"Cranberries, one saucy berry"
Oprah Magazine- November 2010

Boston Globe October 2010


"Balance is something of a philosophy, a way of life, a signature of their food" Maine. magazine April 2010

"The fish and chips at MC Perkins Cove is the best I have ever had in this country. Period, baby. Of course, every dish I have had there has been spectacular. We are talking the ultimate eat a view and eat very well indeed sensation." Portsmouth Herald, April 2010

"During harvest you think, Twenty five pounds of Serrano peppers! What do I do? Says Clark Frasier of Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. His and many chef's solution: Pickle them!" Bon Appetit - April 2010 "In a pickle"

Mark and Clark's recipe for Ginger-Roasted Carrots with Herb Vinaigrette was featured in the G Section of The Boston Globe for the Thanksgiving holiday. Boston Globe, November 2009

In a travel tips section, Arrows and MC Perkins Cove are two out of the five highlighted area places for "where to eat". Arrows is described as "Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier's restaurant renowned for its huge vegetable garden". Travel tips, The Best of Southern Maine
Food and Wine September 2009

Clark's Crab Cakes were featured on Cookie Magazine online as a "Last Minute Meals". The dish was noted from "Chef Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier of Summer Winter in Burlington, Massachusetts" who "recommend these easy crab cakes." Cookie Magazine, September 2009

Arrows, MC Perkins Cove and Summer Winter were mentioned in a blog post on The New York Times Magazine blog "The Moment". In response to a question asking for recommended destinations for Labor Day in Maine, The New York Times Magazine editor Christine Muhlke featured Arrows as a "culinary destination worth considering," describing that Arrows "regularly tops America's-best and most-romantic restaurant lists," in addition to citing MC Perkins Cove and Summer Winter "nearby" as additional Mark and Clark dining spots. New York Times Magazine blog August 2009

"Wrap around picture windows frame knock out ocean views at MC Perkins Cove which serves up plank roasted salmon and deconstructed clam chowder." Where to eat and drink
Travel and Leisure Weekend Getaways April 2009

"Our experts Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier of Arrows Restaurant"
Maine's Top Chefs pick 53 favorite restaurants
Down East Magazine online May 2009

"For 20 years Gaier and Frasier have not only managed to run a self sufficient restaurant that serves as an impeccable model of sustainability, but they have enriched the lives of the countless guests they have treated so graciously"
Art Culinaire, Spring 2009

"Situated on the sparkling Ogunquit waterfront, MC Perkins Cove has a more relaxed ambience than its upscale sister, Arrows. The integrity of ingredients remains identical, however, with produce and herbs from the same garden that first made Arrows famous twenty years ago."
Maine Home Design, June 2009

"Top Ten places in the world with a view." USA TODAY

"New and Improved Bloody Mary Recipes Cheers to Health; Top drink makers reinvent one of the heartiest cocktails: the Bloody Mary"
Mens Health, December 2008

"The chef-duo at Arrows, a mecca of sustainable dining...Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, serve a striclty seasonal menu of from-the-earth dishes like salt cod beignets and dandelion salad with currants and pine nuts. The on-site greenhouse supplies most ingredients, including herbs and edible flowers for the restaurant's signature "locavore libations."
Plenty, October/November 2008

Clark Frasier & Mark Gaier are featured in the September Restaurant issue of Bon Appetit, talking about how to use mint. To view their receipes go to Bon Appetit , September 2008

In a roundup of five notable lobster rolls across the country entitled "The Best New Takes", MC's Laotian version of the New England classic is featured with details about the sandwich's components including picked cabbage and pork pate. Details, April 2008

"Pick a fine wine from the restaurant's extensive cellar. There, sitting by the window, watching as darkness settles over the ocean, you can't help but think: This is how holiday shopping should be." Coastal Living, February 2008

"From curing their own hams and fish to growing their own organic herbs and produce, chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier are stalwart forerunners of the sustainable movement."
The Daily Green, February 2008

2006 Best of the New - Food
The Boston Globe Magazine

Peanuts are not glamour food. So why would Mark Gaier and Clark Frasie serve a humble bowl of peanuts as an appetizer at MC Perkins Cove? These are not ordinary peanuts- seasoned with a slight bite of chile and a hint of garlic and spice, each nut fills your mouth with an explosion of flavor. Suddenly the plain old peanut doesn't seem so plain anymore. There's something about taking a humble ingredient, and elevating it to new heights that sums up what Frasier and Gair are trying to do at MC.
Taste of the Seacoast, Kathy Gunst

Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier were inspired to do an American version of a good French bistro with ‘‘food that a chef would like to eat on a night off.'' MC Perkins Cove - the food is too good, the view too precious, and place too fun to save for vacation. It's not too far to drive for dinner.
The Boston Globe Alison Arnett

If Maine has a restaurant royalty, then Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier... are certainly two princes in the running for the crown. At MC Perkins Cove the duo have let loose in more ways than one, creating in a spectacular seaside setting their version of a bistro.... it's relaxed smiles and easy banter of the waitstaff attending to a crowd that has come, not so much for the gastronomy, but to have a good time eating good food in a grand setting.
Down East Magazine , August 2006 - Michael Sanders

"M.C. is the kind of place where guests can drop in for drinks and appetizers or something more elaborate. ‘We expect it to be something like Stars (Jeremiah Tower's San Francisco restaurant where Frasier and Gaier met) where you can go in for oysters and champagne at the bar, or a burger, or a six-course dinner. We'll have lots of options.'"
Foodservice East, Spring/Summer 2005

Drink This! with Billy Costa
Fall 2009

Over the last decade or so, there has hardly been a serious chef in America who hasn't taken a shot at reinventing or improving it. They have trained their skills on every element, from the precise grind of beef to the ketchup and pickles.
At MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine and Summer Winter in Burlington, Mass, Mr. Frasier pickles serrano chilies.
The New York Times, July, 2009

"Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier of Arrows, in Maine, among other restaurants, were so inspired by the inimitable Julia Child's recipe for Coulibiac in her The French Chef Cookbook (Knopf) that they created their Coulibiac de Saumon en Croute in her honor. But that's not all: they even served their version of the dish to Child the first time she dined at Arrows, in 1991. Now they prepare it every Thanksgiving for their guests and staff." Vanity Fair Daily July, 2009

"Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier's delicious dishes make the most of the season's freshest ingredients- including those they grow themselves."
Food & Wine, February 2008

Mark and Clark's Burbon and Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon "We asked seven ... best chefs in America for the kind of recipes they make for themselves at home - big meals with a high taste to effort ratio. And we tested every one of them. Turns out these guys cook pretty well."
Esquire Magazine November, 2007

"The Best new winter drinks" Haute Apple Cider by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier Ogunquit, Maine
Men's Health, Winter/Spring 2008

A Gourmand's guide to Turkey. "all natural turkeys- raised free range on small farms- have a richer, more assertive flavor. "There's white meat, but it's not as abundant, and the flavor is certainly more intense says Clark Frasier." Men's Journal, November 2007

Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier named 2007 Restaurateurs of the year by the Maine Restaurant Association

"Thick juicy hamburgers, a flawless piece of grilled cod, a take-no-prisoners strawberry shortcake, at M.C. Perkins Cove, Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier, co-owners and chefs of the renowned 17-year-old Arrows Restaurant, have taken the simple to the sublime."
Bon Appetit

MC Perkins Cove is a gorgeous restaurant in a gorgeous setting, which is of course exactly what you'd expect from Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, who also own the internationally acclaimed Arrows Restaurant. This new spot brings the cuisine down to earth. Still there's the same attention to flavor and creativity...with an upstairs bar for snacking on the more casual bar menu overlooking the sea and the open larger dining area below there are many options for enjoying the restaurant. Dining at Arrows might be an evening of "high experience" but MC is a place to dig in and eat with gusto.
Portsmouth Herald, Rachel Forrest

Perhaps the best feature of MC Perkins Cove is it's versatility as a food destination...MC Perkins Cove is as much a place for cocktails and appeitzers as it is for a six course dinner to impress a date or out of town guests.
Portsmouth Magazine, November 2006